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This photo was taken the day I learned if you let one first grader drink from the hose, you have to let all the first graders drink from the hose.

I used to be naive enough to think my work was something new. As an urban farmer, then a green jobs advocate, and now the newest Program Manager at the Institute – I thought it was cutting edge to use public and communal land to cultivate health, wealth, and connectedness. I thought it was original to use parks to grow produce at City Slicker Farms, and innovative to teach youth about green jobs at Ecology Center. Thankfully, I got some needed and righteous humbling when I learned about George Washington Carver. I mean, once I really learned about George Washington Carver.

I got the same “peanut man” story that most folks get as a 3rd grader. My ignorance was exposed when, while at Allen Temple Baptist Church, a Reverend casually gave thanks to George Washington Carver. That simple act of gratitude was a catalyst for me to become re-acquainted with the man who laid the ground work for my personal and professional purpose. Carver had a deep love for the earth, he espoused sustainable agriculture practices (despite the mocking of his peers), and saw the land as a resource for self-sustainability, food security, handicrafts, and a means for poor sharecroppers to escape indebtedness. I now see George as a mentor and guide for turning to the land for community health, for financial and physical sustenance, and for community. I can completely nerd-out about George Washington Carver’s innovative work in sustainable agriculture and community education/outreach, but I’ll let you learn more about him on your own terms. Should you need some good starting points, I’ve got links below to my favorite books about Mr. Carver. One of the links is to a children’s book, because, (1) I’m the kind of adult who enjoys good children’s literature and (2) I will utilize any opportunity to teach or learn from kids about nature.

I’m grateful that writing this blog, one of my first tasks in my new position, allows me to acknowledge the ancestors and communities that have paved the way for the Urban Program at the Institute. I hope to bring forth many more stories and heroes from marginalized communities through my work here. Within the Institute’s Urban Program, I’m excited to support parks that cultivate healthy, connected communities and communities that cultivate relevant, diverse green spaces. I am honored to be a part of your community and privileged to carry on the work of heroes like George Washington Carver, Dolores Huerta, and my grandmother, Gertrude.

I hope to meet more of our community soon, but until then – tell me who your heroes are. Who inspires you in this work of creating restorative, inclusive and dynamic green spaces?

Your hippie home-girl,

Elyse’s favorite George Washington Carver books:

For Adults: My Work is that of Conservation: An Environmental Biography of George Washington Carver

For Kids: George Washington Carver

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