ParkRx Webinar Successes

Over the past several months, the National ParkRx Initiative administered a series of webinars relating to Park Prescription programs. The theme of the series was creating/strengthening Park Prescription programs and the three webinars focused on partnership, needs assessments, and implementation/evaluation, respectively.

Attendance was robust for all of the sessions, with 260 registrants for Part I, 236 for Part II, and 199 for Part III. Based on pre-webinar registration questions, participants came from a variety of professional fields, including the parks/recreation and public health/medical industries. Participants most often expressed challenges with partnership, funding, and attendance in their Park Prescription programs.

After each webinar ended, attendees were directed to a post-session survey. The overall results of these surveys show that 98% of attendees thought their knowledge increased as a result of the webinar.  82% of attendees thought the webinar helped them create/implement a Park Prescription program. Questions participants had during and after the webinars revolved around topics such as program development, partnership-building, funding, and program evaluation.

Based on participant feedback, the webinars were helpful for many individuals. The audience’s level of understanding of Park Prescription programs ranged from “wanting to learn about Park Prescriptions” to “wanting to improve an existing program”. Even so, the vast majority of attendees left each webinar with more knowledge and ability to create or strengthen a Park Prescription program.

If you’d like to view recordings of the webinars and resources distributed, please visit  

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