Global Climate Change Week is just around the corner, starting October 19. This unique initiative encourages educators around the world to challenge students and their surrounding communities to take action on climate change. It recognizes that educators of all disciplines play a significant role in fostering civic engagement among students, not only teaching about climate change, but also empowering young people to take action. Action and climate solutions are spotlighted to illustrate that while climate change literacy is important, adapting to and deterring climate disruption will require action. The Institute at the Golden Gate supports related local efforts by playing a backbone, coordinating role for the Bay Area Climate Literacy Collaborative. 

Created in August of 2014, the Bay Area Climate Literacy Collaborative is composed of a diverse group of informal environmental educators dedicated to making the Bay Area the leader in climate literacy and action. While the Bay Area is a hub of progressive values and policies, there is still work to do in moving the needle on climate change. In a 2013 study conducted by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, researchers found that while most San Franciscans believe global warming is happening (87%) only 11% are convinced that people can take action to reduce global warming and that they will do so successfully. This sentiment presents a serious obstacle—if people are pessimistic about our ability to take action against climate change they might be likely not to make individual changes or support collective action.

The Bay Area Climate Literacy Collaborative hopes to empower educators to communicate to their audiences that while climate change is real and dire, there is hope and people should feel encouraged to take action. For the next 1-3 years the group will dedicate itself to three priority initiatives, or focal areas, aimed at helping educators build their communication toolkits in order to better convey this message and develop strategies that spur behavior change. These initiatives are listed below.

• The first initiative is providing climate trainings for environmental educators. This will involve organizing trainings or larger gatherings targeted towards environmental educators and communicators. The goal of these trainings would be to increase knowledge of climate change and increase comfort and ability to effectively discuss the topic.
• The second initiative, connecting educators to local impacts and science, will initiate projects that being together local scientists and climate communicators. Fostering this relationship will enable educators to refine climate messaging so that it is up to date, accessible, and relevant to local audiences.
• Our most innovative initiative, piloting joint sustainability projects, will leverage the collective power of the group and serve as a catalyst for behavior change.

These initiatives will be developed and implemented by three working groups, with working group members representing prominent organizations ranging from the California Academy of Sciences to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The steering committee will be responsible for making sure the group sticks to its lofty, yet achievable mission of increasing climate literacy and action throughout the Bay Area by sharing successes and building capacity of climate educators and messengers. While our work is specifically focused on the Bay Area, the Collaborative is proud to join educators all around world in the call to action of Global Climate Change Week—to halt climate change through increased knowledge as well as personal and community level-responsibility to take action.

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