Telling the Climate Story

What is the best way for us to be talking about climate change? From November 6-9, 2013, experts from as far afield as Australia gathered at Fort Baker in Sausalito, California, to share ideas on this important question. The event, which was hosted by the Institute at the Golden Gate, focused on how we can best inform, educate and empower people on this complex topic. The answer from many of the 140 participants was to make the climate story personal and place-based. How is climate change affecting us locally in our own lives? What are we already seeing and experiencing? 

Many of the presenters and panelists--from authors like Jonah Sachs and Mark Hertsgaard, to academics, researchers, journalists, teachers, educators and park rangers--spoke about the value of telling real stories rooted in place. Many participants shared their personal experiences with climate change - whether it was an extreme weather event or a change in growing seasons. Since the Institute's mission is to make parks and other public spaces part of the answer, we were particularly interested to learn more from park rangers and interpreters about the changes they're already seeing in their parks. 

What's your climate story? 

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