Welcome To Our Newly Renovated Offices!

“Change is the only constant in life.” 

It’s an old saying that rings true for organizations as well as people.

Here at the Institute at the Golden Gate, we have been ringing in the changes with new colleagues Ruth Pimentel, Hector Zaragoza and Emilie Wolfson, a new report on effective climate education, and wonderful news from our Healthy Parks, Healthy People program.

As we continue to expand our impact and our team, we realized it was time to change up our work space, too. Thanks to the phenomenal organizational skills of our Operations and Outreach Manager, Honoré Pedigo, we have reconfigured our offices to accommodate our growing team of almost a dozen people here at Fort Baker. With nice new carpets and a new layout, we're ready to welcome any visitor or VIP! Click here to learn more about our talented team!   

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