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Last week we introduced the new members of our Fellowship for Emerging Leaders program, and this week we wanted to share a firsthand account of life after the Institute fellowship. This guest blog post is by our very first Health Fellow – Hector Zaragoza. Hector shares with us his experience while working with the Institute at the Golden Gate and how it has helped him in his current position with the Canal Alliance.

The Institute at the Golden Gate was an incredibly vibrant hub of busy bees navigating the uncertain roads of innovation. I was the Health and Wellness Fellow during the 2014-15 year and let me say that it proved essential to my success afterwards. As a convener and facilitator, it taught me the importance of listening to your stakeholders and providing a space for a wide range of voices to be heard and subsequently formulating a plan of action that reflects that.

The workplace encourages creativity and trailblazing yet provides the comfort of a collaborative team willing to pitch in whenever and wherever duty calls. If anything, it harnesses your individual spark and refines it through teamwork. No idea is ever shot down, quite the contrary; the iterative nature of the work requires constantly finding new ways to do things along with an attitude that is never quite satisfied. You learn to deal with uncertainty and the ambiguity of first-of-their-kind projects. You will be challenged to step out of your comfort zone, but that’s ok, the team has your back.

Flash forward a few months and I am now the Volunteer and Event Coordinator for Canal Alliance, a community resource agency dedicated to helping low-income, Spanish-speaking immigrants acquire the tools they need to thrive. Good thing for me is that I now have a toolkit from my work at the Institute that enables me to push boundaries at work. I am responsible for managing our volunteer base across our program areas that include: food distribution, immigration and legal services, English as a Second Language classes, and more. I also get the opportunity to organize events. The Institute is a hub of innovation and this instilled a sense of urgency in me to innovate through brainstorming sessions with colleagues or conversations by the “water cooler.” These informal sessions led me to redesign our intake process for volunteers to increase efficiency. I developed these interpersonal and teamwork skills at the Institute that continually lead us as a team to think “outside the box.” The Institute is also always on the lookout for new tools that can help improve their work. Here at Canal Alliance, I am now responsible for implementing the use of Smartsheets, a project management tool, within our department to increase productivity.

Whatever the challenge may be, the Institute provides the knowledge, resourcefulness, and confidence to go into uncharted territory and make your mark.

Hector Zaragoza
Volunteer and Event Coordinator
Canal Alliance

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