Parks Climate Conference Media Resources

Graphic Recording

Each session of Parks: The New Climate Classroom was graphically recorded by Lloyd Dangle to capture the ideas, vision, and tone of the presenters and topics. Click the session topic below to view or download the image.

Day 1, Thursday, Nov. 7:

Inspiring change and learning—Connecting our work to a larger purpose

Behavior design—How can we be more effective with our behavior change efforts?

Storytelling—Tactics for using the power of narrative, video, and connection

Bringing the Story to Life - How Our Children's Trust brings its story to life and make an impact through video and narrative

Connecting people and climate change—What do people respond to and how to overcome obstacles

Education and interpretation design—What engages learning

Communicating with diverse audiences—Building inclusiveness from the ground up

Evening Dialogue: Designing for climate education—What climate change communications can learn from the design community

Day 2, Friday, Nov. 8:

Placemaking—Using place to connect people to the environment

Developing partnerships—Elements of effective partnerships and overcoming barriers

Mobilizing an agency—The challenges and tactics for addressing climate in the NPS

Calling the public to action—Strategies for educating toward new action and behavior change

Mobilizing connectivity—Opportunities in a connected, social world

Generational differences—Tactics for engaging young people on climate change

Next steps—What comes next for this topic and group? 


The Institute at the Golden Gate was fortunate to partner with BAYCAT in order to capture content from Parks: The New Climate Classroom. Below watch Professor Ed Maibach’s session on recent trends in climate change communications research as well as a panel discussion on the National Park Service response to climate change.

Connecting People to Climate Change

Professor Ed Maibach, Georgetown University, explores research and key elements on what works in climate change communications.

National Park Service: Mobilizing an Agency on Climate Change

National Park Service (NPS) representatives Sheri Forbes, Ray Sauvajot, Amanda Schraam, and Tim Watkins discuss the NPS response to climate change both at the national level and in the Pacific West region.