Our Approach

Embedded in one of the country’s most visited and influential national parks, the Institute operates as an innovation lab, generating knowledge and incubating practical solutions. Working at the intersection of park lands and social good, our work provides the know-how for park leaders and their partners to be part of the solution to complex social challenges, from healthcare to community inequities.

Since many of our most promising ideas come from the innovative programming happening within our Golden Gate National Parks, we’re uniquely qualified to help other parks see new opportunities and apply best practices. Critical to everything we do is our ability to share and scale with all levels, from local communities to national policy makers, building momentum so that promising ideas become common practice.


Through rigorous yet practical research, we explore new ideas, not only drawing from best practices but also thinking outside the box. We know it’s essential to dig in and test ideas to ensure they are relevant to what parks and their communities need.


The Institute shares new ideas by generating resources and tools that focus on the "how." By creating toolkits, roadmaps, webinars, and trainings, the Institute provides inspiration and support to early adopters and promotes the uptake of innovation.


We offer a range of convening expertise to forge unconventional partnerships. From inspiring gatherings through our partnership with Cavallo Point Lodge to empowering learning events, we generate greater impact than any one organization could alone.