Our Approach

Our Approach

Our Change Makers Report highlights the Institute's passion for strengthening the role of parks in tackling society’s health, food, climate change, and education challenges.

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The Institute Approach

The Institute's starting point is our belief that parks and public lands can play a critical role in tackling many of society’s biggest social and environmental challenges. Working closely with partner organizations, we identify unique opportunities to bring about change locally, regionally, and nationally.

From Local to National

Since the Institute was established in 2008, we have developed a model for changing systems locally, regionally, and nationally. Our starting point is usually a specific success case or approach we feel could be replicated elsewhere and taken to scale.

Partnerships and Pilot Testing

The Institute is fortunate to work with some remarkable collaborators in California, nationally, and internationally. We believe that collaboration is the key to scaling up good policy and practice.

A Model for Change

While every challenge requires a different solution; the Institute's approach often involves several tried-and-tested steps. These include painstaking research, publishing case studies and roadmaps, convening key stakeholders, testing ideas on the ground, and finally, influencing decision makers.

For more information on how we can work together to become change makers, please contact us at info@instituteatgoldengate.org