Worldwide, parks are on the frontline of climate change impacts and visibility. The Institute at the Golden Gate’s Climate Change Education & Parks program supports and accelerates the role parks and protected areas play as resources and venues for climate change education. Read more here (PDF) >>

Promoting Best Practice
Looking in our own backyard, the Bay Area has a strong community of environmental educators with an articulated interest in expanding and elevating climate change programming. Recognizing the importance of this initiative and capitalizing on our experience facilitating cross-sector partnerships, the Institute is playing a “backbone” support role for the development and implementation of a regional collaborative known as the Bay Area Climate Literacy Collaborative.

The Bay Area Climate Literacy Collaborative provides a network of support for environmental educators who recognize the critical role that education must play in combating climate change and are interested in tackling the challenges unique to communicating about this issue. By collaborating to pursue this shared interest and need, the ultimate goal of the Bay Area Climate Literacy Collaborative is to increase climate literacy and action throughout the Bay Area by sharing successes and by building capacity of climate educators and messengers.

To learn more about the current landscape of climate change education in the Bay Area as well as key challenges and areas for collaboration, read our Needs Assessment Report. If you would like to receive updates about the Bay Area collaborative work, please join our mailing list.

Highlighting Success
Many parks already host or are developing climate change education programs that are innovative, locally relevant, and action-oriented. Download our signature climate change publication, Climate in the Parks: Innovative Climate Change Education in Parks (PDF, 5.7MB) for examples of great programs from around the globe.

Convening Experts
From November 7 – 9, 2013 the Institute convened Parks: The New Climate Classroom, which brought together innovators and practitioners from the parks, education, communications, and other related fields to consider ways to accelerate and deepen the connection between parks and public education on climate change. Download our report, Insights for Climate Change Communication & Education, for an overview of the key messages and takeaways from the event.

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