The Institute at the Golden Gate has forged a healthy and sustainable food movement in parks nationwide—highlighting innovative, healthy, and sustainable food practices; creating tools and resources to improve large-scale food service; and inspiring collaboration across sectors to promote healthy food solutions.

Designing New Policy >>
Through strategic partnerships and pilot-testing healthy food practices locally and nationally, the Institute’s food program has successfully inspired new national food policy, improving millions of meals served in parks annually.

From Policy to Practice >>
The shift toward healthier and more sustainable food service is gaining traction from the White House to corporate cafeterias, in schools and at national parks. The Institute continues to spur park agencies to action by offering tools and resources that promote healthy food choices and sustainability practices across America.

Reports and Resources

Food for the Parks: Case Studies of Sustainable Food in America’s Most Treasured Places showcases parks and concessionaires that have healthy and sustainable food programs in place and highlights a variety of best practices that can be adopted by other local, regional, and national parks.

Food for the Parks: A Roadmap to Success works as a toolkit offering strategies and ideas to inspire collaboration among partners and encourage them to take steps to create new healthy, fresh, and sustainable food programs in parks and other institutions across the country.

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